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FYI - the B1G1 Guidelines - Keep in mind all sections that address "14" coding
B1G1 Coupon usage guideline.
Guidelines Regarding a B1G1 manufacturer coupon with a regular manufacturer coupon.

Thanks to another user who helps out in the RA threads for the template on the guidelines.

A) B1G1 coupons say buy X get Y free. So if the coupon is coded "01", the coupon is actually only applied to the one that you get free, in this case Y.

There is nothing to say that you can not use another coupon on the one product you are actually buying, in this case X. So YES, you CAN use a $1 off 1 coupon on X.

However, If the coupon is coded "14", then the coupon attaches to both items and you will not be able to put an additional coupon on the "X" item.

Example: Buy 2 HE products use one $1 off 1 HE and 1 X B1G1
This is YMMV according to many stores and only allowed if the coupon is coded "01".

If the coupon was coded "14" then you cannot do this as the register will beep. Asking the cashier to force through that coupon in this situation will be considered illegal activity and will not be allowed here on SD.

The manufacturer can choose the coding in this case ("01") or ("14") and this determines if the manufacturer will allow you to do the above or not.

B) Using the example above you can NOT use a $1 dollar off 2 items because that coupon applies to 2 products.

Example: Buy 2 HE products and use $1 off WYB 2 HE products and 1 X B1G1. <--- This is illegal activity.

OK to do:
If you buy a total of 4 products you can use 2 B1G1 coupons + $1 dollar wyb 2. In this situation you have 4 products: The 2 B1G1 coupons applies to 2 products and the $1 dollar wyb 2 applies to the other 2 products for a total of 4.
Again, this can only be done if the B1G1 are coded "01" -- if they are coded "14" then you would only be able to use the 2 B1G1 coupons only.
This is YMMV according to many stores.

C) The rule of thumb is that you can NOT have more coupons than products.
Example: Buy 2 herbal essences use two $1 dollar off 1 product and 1 X B1G1. <--- This is Illegal activity

There is too many coupons for the number of products. See number 1 for the correct scenario.

D) WYB VS. AND: If a coupon says Save $1.00 on X
WYB Y, you CAN use a coupon $1.00 off 1 coupon on Y. If a coupon says Save $1.00 on X AND Y, then you can NOT use another coupon on either X or Y because the coupon applies to BOTH products.

Example of an abusive situation:

You cannot abuse the system like this: Buy two of product x and use a coupon of $5 off 2 products of x AND also the $1 off product x just because the $5 off 2 products is only coded for 1 product ("74").

This is considered coupon fraud and will be warned as such. This will also subject this thread to being deleted for good.

Any attempt to use the information in this thread to defraud the stores and or circumvent the wording / text will result in a coupon fraud warning.

The following is NOT up for debate - any response to this will result in a warning for derailing this thread - keep in mind talking about moderator policy about why things are not deleted and why things are not done in other threads will net you a trolling warning.
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