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Oh the first question in the FAQ confused me because I saw quarters were 0 ink cartridges were recycled. I think I get it now.

So in essence...,
If I recycled 60 cartridges/quarter for every quarter and for each quarter, and I spend at least $180, I'll be getting $180 in rewards card every quarter for a total of $720 rewarded by the end of the year?
If you recycle 20 carts per month for the 3 months during the quarter for a total of 60 carts, and have $180 in that quarter in qualified spending, you will receive a rewards payout for that quarter of $180.

Over the course of a year, you would need (3x20)x4 in carts recycled and $180x4 in qualified spending to max out.

As to the zero carts recycled in the 3rd quarter, it was just to show how the carryover process worked with regards to recycling and qualified purchases. If you wanted, you could recycle 20 carts each month during the year and then make a large purchase ($720+) in Nov. on Black Friday and then you would receive a fourth quarter recycling rewards payout of $720 near the end of Feb. of the next year.

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