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Quote from ScrpBkBon View Post :
I feel so out of place. I have saved,clipped and spent hours in the store finding deals. I spent 150.00 tonight and only saved 24.00. My husband is so mad. I had a cashier tonight throwing my groceries around while my frozen things were thawing out while he argued about every coupon. It seemed like he was acusing me of stealing money from Krogers when I had all legitimate coupons. People in back of me were even ranting. I'm not sure if I can keep doing this with so little saving. I will accept any help from anyone who can guide me in the right directions. I'm begging because my husband lost his job and I haven't got enough savings to keep us going with this bad couponing that I try. Please help me in any way you can I am open. Bonnie from Northern Ky
First of all I apologize if what I'm about to say comes off as harsh but I'm saying it because I have also been without a job. Before worrying about coupons and trying to save simply by using coupons look at what you're buying and consider downsizing your overall purchases. I don't know how many people you shop for(don't know if you have children or not) but is everything you are buying necessary? Are you buying overpriced things or things you don't really need simply because you have a coupon? I don't buy things that I don't generally use unless they are free, close to free, or bought at a profit. To summarize, try to look carefully at what you're buying every week and see how you can cut back and then worry about the coupons.
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