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I feel so out of place. I have saved,clipped and spent hours in the store finding deals. I spent 150.00 tonight and only saved 24.00. My husband is so mad. I had a cashier tonight throwing my groceries around while my frozen things were thawing out while he argued about every coupon. It seemed like he was acusing me of stealing money from Krogers when I had all legitimate coupons. People in back of me were even ranting. I'm not sure if I can keep doing this with so little saving. I will accept any help from anyone who can guide me in the right directions. I'm begging because my husband lost his job and I haven't got enough savings to keep us going with this bad couponing that I try. Please help me in any way you can I am open. Bonnie from Northern Ky
Hello Bonnie!
Don't be so down. It takes time to learn any new skill, and couponing is definitely a skill. When I first started CVSing almost a year and a half ago, I was absolutely terrible at it. I'd spend $50 or $60 cash and walk out with $30 in ECB's and feel like I had done amazing things. That was before I found SD, of course. Now I generally spend less than a dollar cash, and generally stay pretty even on my ECB's. And at the grocery store, I spend usually around $30-$50/wk. My pantry is full, so I'm mostly getting produce, and restocking whatever pantry items I'm low on.

Even after finding SD, it took me a while to learn all of the tips and tools and tricks I needed to be successful at couponing. it won't happen overnight. I do agree with a previous poster that you will have to toughen up a bit. I used to cry at Wal-Mart when the cashier was mean, so I stopped going there. Best decision ever! Smilie But I don't cry over mean cashiers anymore either. I can now go to WM and give them back all the h*** they give me. You'll have to stand tall for you and your family. There will always be q haters out'll never get away from them completely, so you will have to adjust your attitude if you expect to be successful. Couponing is a wonderful way to save money, but it is not for the timid.

Follow the Kroger thread, or whatever other stores you have nearby. Buy the deals only, and stock up on them. This may mean you are low on something for the next few weeks, until it goes on sale again. And it may mean you eat a lot of spaghetti, or cereal, or rice, or whatever is currently on sale right now. That's ok. Instant gratification isn't all it's cracked up to be when it means you are spending too much at the grocery store. I agree with the other poster that said to look at what you buy very critically. Is there anything you could live without for a bit? You may have to cut back a some fresh produce in favor of frozen (which is frequently on sale for practically nothing), or use less meat. There are lots of ways to trim a grocery budget, and some will be more appropriate to your situation than others. You'll have to find the best compromise for your family. But don't lose heart...couponing takes some time to master, and you'll get better every week, assuming you keep trying. You've got SD now, so read all you can, and ask questions you can't find the answers to . We're here to help! But simply throwing your hands up in surrender because one cashier was mean won't help you out. Use it as a learning experience and move forward. And I also agree with the other poster...if hubby is mad, make him try it. Otherwise, he can butt out. Smilie I understand things are tight for you now, so I would imagine you have more of a sense of urgency to master this RIGHT NOW that I didn't have. And you also have less room for error. So keep on attending to your SD lessons, and learn everything that you can. But please just realize that it won't happen and DH both will have to have some patience. And you'll have to be willing to deal with the meanies...they never go away, no matter how good you get.
Reps are back...for now. Stick Out Tongue I owe loads of gratitude to everyone that got me where I am! Read the *NEW* CVS FAQ and post your questions there. Let's keep the deal threads deal-related, please.
Would it kill you to read the wiki? Or to read the thread? All the experts got to where they are by can too.
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By the way, I read the wiki, and it didn't kill me. Big Grin
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Yeah, but does your "poo" produce ECBs? LMAO