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Rumor Confirmed - Android phones will be available for SERO 10/1
Users on forums claim sprint reps confirm that Android will be available for SERO and other legacy Sprint plans for a $10/month up-charge (plus an additional $10 for "flagship devices" like evo, epic).

This post [] begins the discussion which will play out for a while on several forums, but there should be more details to come in a press statement by Sprint, rumored to be released to legacy users on 9/1.

The rumored details:
1) October 1st, the restrictions on legacy plans will be lifted
2) Android will cost $10 extra per month for my plan
3) Evo4G would cost an additional $10 per month, for $50 total ($30+10+10)
4) Information will be printed in upcoming bills
5) Customer care received this information recently, but wasn't supposed to say anything until 2 days ago.

If this is posted in the wrong section please forgive me and move the thread. Thank you for your patience.

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