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I work for Sprint and I have confirmed with our NYC Lexington Ave corporate office that this does NOT reflect the SERO plans but the employee advantage lines which actually used to be $20 a month for employees but will now be bumped up to $30 a month ($40 for WebOS or android devices) Legacy SERO plans will remain the way it is now and the newer SERO plans which starts at 59.99 for 500 minutes will remain the same as well. Sprint plans to slowly rid of the legacy SERO plans so dont expect what we call "Iconic devices" (HTC EVO, Samsung EPIC, Instinct M800, Instinct S30, Instinct HD, HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, Samsung Intercept, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi) to be upgradeable. Thee plans will override any employee plan on the accounts active (because they dont have any kind of commitment). No one should get there hopes up im sorry to say I had a lot of friends on the Sero plan but because of the slow phase out they have all switched to my employee line (do not ask me for referral please)