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Quote from slayers750 View Post :
It goes like this:


(A)Olay Body Wash $8.99
(B)Venus Spa Breeze $9.49
(C)Zest 3pk $3.29
Total pre-coupon: $21.77

Coupons used:
Buy Venus razor (B) get Olay BW (A) Free
$2 off (B) Venus razor
Buy Venus razor (B) get Zest (C) soap free
This is coupon misuse because EACH coupon requires a razor purchase but only one razor was purchased instead of two.
This one is illegal because you only have 1 razor purchased.

(A)Venus Spa Breeze $9.49
(B)Olay Body Wash $8.99
(C)Zest 3pk $3.29
Total pre-coupon: $21.77

Coupons used:
1. Buy Venus razor (A) get Olay BW Free (B)
2. $2 off Venus razor (A)
3. Buy OLAY BW (B) get Zest soap free (C)

This is called piggybacking, and although YMMV, it is perfectly fine.


(A )BW
(B) BW
(C) DO
- Buy (A) BW and get (B) BW free
- Buy (B) BW, get (C) DO free

The only difference is instead of (A) being a Venus Razor - it is another bodywash.

What this means is that if you have 2 Body Washes and 1 Deodorant. You can use 1 get BW free wyb 1 BW and a get 1 DO free when you buy BW.

Given the fact there was no clear deal scenario and was more complex than what was mentioned above - we deleted to be on the safe side.

So if you post given the following guidelines - we may allow - if it involves more than 3 items we will need to delete until the person who posted the above can see it and approve it (not me, however, they understand this situation more than I do, and they are here on a regular basis). Smilie

I have contacted this person to further clarify this policy.

The example was removed because it was found to be following the "WRONG" scenario (2 coupons being used on product x, even though both coupons said Buy x)
I just talked to the person who wrote this up and they have confirmed the above is correct. So the above is OK to do - but keep in mind if you have more than 3 items attempting to do this - we may be forced to delete your order until we can make sure your doing this correctly. Smilie
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