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Roll I was unpacking boxes last night & found a stash of about 20 different color Sharpies. AND three unopened 5-packs of black ones!
I think my heart just went pitter-patter.

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I rather dislike you :shakes fist:
Shush it. You love me.

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The wife made me an incredible grilled cheese last night. I sliced up some Irish cheddar for it.

I might ask if she'll grace me with another tonight.
Frogstar: I am thankful for you because you are allegedly insightful. Stick Out Tongue Actually, you are a nut. A really, really funny man, but a very helpful one, too. You are really good for a laugh, and I truly, truly enjoy seeing you post here. I miss you when you don't.

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I thank you for the kind words but more importantly thank you for being you. You are a one of a kind Jen-nay! hug

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edit: apropos of our earlier discussion:

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It's folks like you that make this world a better place.
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i'd agree, but jenni's awesomeness is legendary Stick Out Tongue
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Jenni is the sweetest, kindest lady here. All you other ladies pale in comparison.That is all