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Quote from inbead View Post :
Not a new deal. But the trick to use it is to buy this package and save the gift card for later. On the last day of your use (4th day) use the pass ($151 credit) plus your $50 gift card so a total of $201 credit to buy the annual pass. You get your 4 days (use them on days when the annual pass is blocked) and then purchase the annual pass for the next full year.

Keep in mind this pass expires on May 31, 2011 but another one will most likely come around later.
Interesting. So Disneyland CSRs will let you upgrade your 4-day pass even on the last day, huh? Don't plan to go to Dland this year but that's good to know, thanks. Though I still don't understand why we have to use the 4-day pass on annual pass blackout dates in order to do the upgrade.


Nevermind, just read the post above by ZoeBoe'smom and I get it now. Nice try though.

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