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Just because I like to label mine as SS#1 and SS#2 and can't readily tell which is which .. hope this info helps. Keep in mind all Q inserts are regional and yours may not look like mine, but maybe this will help you figure it out quickly.

SS#1 - Nestle on the top and Lean Cuisine on the cover. First few pages are Buitoni, DiGiorno, V8, Campbells Soup, Prego.

SS#2 - Mine has Sears Optical on the cover - First few pgs are Halls, Atkins Bars, Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats.

Red Plum #1 - Beyonce on the cover. First pages are all L'Oreal.

Red Plum #2 - Mine has Popeyes Chicken Qs on the cover. Next few pages are Pedigree, Slim Shots, I-Flex (?), Marcal Small Steps.

We also had a GM insert in the DFW papers - which appears was also regional.