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Hi, everyone. Thanks Sheybabe and HollyHo for covering so much while I was visiting the family....and Cold

Tons of new links and expiring links at the beginning of the year!!

Quick administrative note -- noticed a lot of new links are being posted without the correct format for this thread. If you want to help us out to quickly update our TEN wikis.....please make sure you're following our format. See Post #1 for details.

Also, be patient and give us a chance to make our updates to the wikis. Sometimes we, the wiki bees, are on vacation, or sleeping, or (god forbid) doing some slickdealing!! Grin

Okay, last reminder note - PRINT the good Qs as soon as you see them posted. The hot ones don't last long!! Yup, I missed a bunch on vacation as I was in (gasp) no Internet land. EEK!
Hug2 Love to the PEEPS! Hug2