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Briang's Belgian Dubbel
Double review - I picked the first beer to try because my first of briang's brews is the same style (Belgian Dubbel) and I figured I ought to try one first at least.

Westmalle's Trappist Dubbel is a gorgeous dark caramel color when poured - nice full tannish head and 7% abv. The aroma is slightly fruity with black cherry & molasses sticking out more than anything else. The taste is almost too complex for my n00bish palate - I tasted sweet malts and almost a plum wine going down, giving way to a nice alcohol burn and ever so slight bitterness at the end. Light carbonation gives it a thin & crisp feel on the tongue. This is a very well balanced brew and was an absolute pleasure to drink. If it wasn't $4 a bottle, I would drink this very often.

Briang's Belgian Dubbel - It's dark golden in color and cloudy and pours with a full 2" head that lasts as long as the brew. A sharp fruity almost citrus smell. Not as carbonated as "normal" domestic beers, but you can definitely feel it dancing on your tongue, leaving for a full taste, but thinner than the Westmalle. The taste is clean and crisp with a nice spicy bite and leaves behind a light warming burn in the back of your throat. If I had to stab at the actual flavor of the fruit, it would be apple or pear - the citrus I smelled must have been a combo of that plus the spices. It's an excellent brew and if I didn't know beforehand, I'd have no clue it was a homebrew by some shim detector from Maryland.

I didn't want to be all warm & fuzzy on my reviews of briang's brews and who knows, I might not be with the other brews, but I must say the dude knows what the hell he's doing with this Belgian Dubbel - this brew is no joke and I wish I had more of it nod

...oh wait I do, there's still 1/2 of the deuce deuce left woot