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Quote from harps524t View Post :
Hmm... I have been watching for the 54" G25 over the S2. Mostly for the better contrast ratio. Technical opinion anyone: THX and the bump in contrast worth it? Might be for my personal mental health so I don't wonder for the next year.

G25 is $1240 at Amazon now. (S2 is $1059) Hmm...

I'm killing myself (and likely my bank account) with my indecisiveness. My max budget is $1500, but if I can get closer to $1k-1200, I'd be happy. I could go with a 58" Samsung Plasma (C550) for this price point too. I think prices seem to have bottomed out for now.

I just need to stop this - they are all upgrades over my 37" Aquos from 2006. Seriously, hockey season will be over by the time I decide. Of course - not sure I want to see my Avs in anything larger than 37" right now anyways.
i am in the same boat and was set on g/gt vs s, but today read the reviews on plasma buying guide and guys rate s picture greater after calibration over g. or at least very similar. they also noted then THX is just too dark and weak for pretty much any room. I played with them in the store and granted not a great light condition, but was not impressed with thx a lot... there is difference in g series in SD video source, but I personally do not care for my needs that are movies and HD over the air TV. All regular cable in my eyes look like crp anyway