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Quote from bailey327 View Post :
Crud. Well, it's hiding from me at that zip. I'll have to take your word for it. We'll add it back in with 90210 zip on it.

Never mind (darned couponsDOT is tickin me off today) - I'm putting it in with the direct link. Here it is. Time to introduce a new abbreviation we'll be using. If a post is a direct link on the couponsDOT and smartsource, etc. sites....that is, if it has a link that makes it appear with the checkmark immediately, then it'll say...

Muir Glen, 75ยข Print [] (Dir)

Dir = Direct

This isn't necessary if it's a direct bricks link. Lemme know if this is unclear.
Not really unclear, but I guess I'm wondering why? With all the trouble about space in the wiki, why add these additional characters at all? Just curious as I'm sure I'm missing the point of it all at this early hour!