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Quote from rydergal View Post :
I do think it is handy.

I also think though that it will take a while for folks to get used to it, and for it to become a "fixture" for everyday usage. I wouldn't take folks' lack of overjoyed enthusiasm as a bad just needs to grow on folks for a while. But part of getting folks to use it is going to be based on how much it is you mostly, I would imagine, as you are the OP. That's a lot of work, I know!

Every time I start a weekly thread, I try to include a list of cheap fillers in the wiki, pulled from the weekly ad. Not everyone does though. And my list doesn't include clearance finds or the regular priced stuff that you have in the wiki here, so your list is definitely more comprehensive in that regard.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts on it. Thanks so much for taking the initiative to start this thread, and I do think it will be useful if folks keep posting their finds!
Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions! Smilie I noticed next week's main thread does include filler-type items, which is great, but you're right they don't always. Also, I find that sometimes more are posted in-store than show up in the flyer. People's suggestions here have already helped me. (I really loved the clearance Zone bars for .13 - less than the Green Bag Tag earnings.)