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Electronics YMMV - Asus P8P67 Pro $134.99 AC, P8P67 $95 AC or lower with Core i5-2500k bundle @ MC B&M
This was way too da** hot even though its very YMMV to go by silent.
This is going to be one long thread as I am about to write a whole detailed diary
of what happened at the microcenter today. For those who are not interested in my story
but just the deal, please kindly scroll down to the bottom.

So I headed over to my LOCAL Microcenter over in Denver today
(Local meaning its in my state at least....2 hour round trip drive)
in hopes to be able to use the coupons posted earlier Linky [to coupons thread]
and walked out the door with this GREAT AMAZING AWESOME deal.

Core i5-2500k + Asus P8P67 PRO R3 1155 ATX for $314.98 before taxes.
The Pro version of this motherboard alone goes for $189.99!!
even with that $25 off coupon, it still is $165 and I walked out with $135,
which is the price of the 1 tier lower version of this motherboard WITH coupon.

By the way, none of the coupons linked on that thread scans right off except the LG drive,
meaning probably they are all done for even though it says expires 3/22.
The manager actually had to manually type in the discount with manager discretion (Thanks Mr. manager S.Clark!!!!) but this is why your mileage will VERY vary.

So I was in there, being assisted by this little nice guy (I feel sorry I forgot his name)
and asked if they had any different versions of the P8P67 boards available as there was only one pro version left on the shelf.
He said they just received a load of Pro, deluxe and the regular ALSO LE and everything today. for denver store was showing completely OOS for every single version of the P8P67 but had a lot in the store,
as it takes time to update their system according to them (I actually called to make sure they had these, couldnt afford to waste ANY gas with them being $3.50/Gallon!!!!).

Anyways as I was somewhat tight on budget, I decided to go with a regular P8P67 instead of the pro.
For some reason it felt like he wanted to pick out everything for me as quickly as possible and have me gone.
However, I stayed and browsed through the store just looking,
then came across this big banner sign tucked in the corner with pile of LCDs,
kind of hidden showing BUNDLE deals for these exact motherboards with the i5-2500k.
Note that this is specific bundle for the i5-2500k and either regular P8P67 for $299.99 or P8P67 PRO for $349.99.
Have not tried, but I don't think it would work with a diff processor or motherboards.

So I went back to the guy and told him that I saw the sign and asked if this was a going deal.
He said he was unsure but when he had originally typed in the products, it did not show as discounted so he doubted it.
But he told me that I should just go on ahead to the check out and tell them that I saw the sign and they are required by law to manually type the discount in or something.
After all, it is a big sign in the store legitimately stating the prices for the exact items I was purchasing, although faced backwards towards the pile of boxes,
I was able to see it somehow!!! haha!!!

The bundle deal was $5 cheaper already than using a coupon, but I took my chances and
presented the coupon to the lady at the checkout desk. She tried to scan it many times
to no avail and called the manager who came in and guess what? He just granted these discounts (the bundle + coupon) without even asking ANY questions.
They just wondered how I got these. Whats even better is that I somehow got it for $135 when it should be $145 if everything is properly discounted if I am not mistaking.
So it may be even lower than $95 for a brand new quality P67 motherboard.

I may have just gotten extremely lucky but I think its worth a shot if you got a B&M close
by (I wouldnt recommend driving 2 hours like I did just to test ur luck).

Wow this turned out to be a LONG LONG thread.
Good luck to you all who are going to try this. It really is a steal for such a nice motherboard if you can walk away with it!

How to get this deal (again, this is VERYVERY YMMV):

1. Go to a microcenter B&M with a printed motherboard coupon from here.

2. Look for a sign banner stand which will show Intel Bundle Deal for
i5-2500k with Asus P8P67 for $299.99 and with P8P67 PRO for $349.99
This is the part which makes the deal extremely YMMV, these deals I assume,
were to be offered when the sandy bridge just came out with the SATA port issue.
But then the recall came so the deal was gone with it.
This is just what I think however, these may be offered pretty soon maybe
after these $25 off coupons are finished on 3/22.
This clearly is not an ongoing deal as of now since nobody in the store seemed to know about it.

For those of you who are around Denver location, this banner was facing backwards towards a stock pile of LCD boxes back in the corner of entrance to Build your own section.

If you are LUCKY and do find this banner, proceed to step 3.
If not, sorry but probably won't happen.
Theres no guarantee that it will work anyways even if you do find the banner.

3. Choose your motherboard, either regular P8P67 without any suffixes or the PRO version
and ask for your intel i5-2500k

4. Go to check out and tell them about the sign banner and the bundle deal on it and be
sure to state the price on that banner.

5. Present your coupon for $25 off.
Price should end up being $145 for PRO and $95 for regular if discounted properly
if I'm not mistaking [350(bundle deal)-180(CPU)-25(discount) for PRO and 300-180-25],
however I said maybe lower because somehow my total ended up being $134.99 for the PRO.
I am still a little confused as to why but hey, it was even cheaper, cant complain.


Good luck to you all who are going to try these.

P.S., all the coupon on the other thread seemed DEAD actually except the LG drive and the GPU which I have not tried.
Whether or not you find this bundle deal, this deal will most likely involve a manager discretion.

For those wanting to know the difference between the Regular and the PRO, they are pretty much on the same platform, with pretty much everything the same
except these (I will exclude anything that are shared by these motherboards):

Regular: Realtek gigabit lan controller, 1 PCI-e 2.0 @ x16 single slot (2 total), one bracket module for eSATA and USB 2.0, No built in eSATA port in the back panel

PRO: INTEL gigabit lan controller, onboard (back panel) 2 eSATA ports with 1 Power eSATA, 2 PCI E 2.0 x16 (single @ x16 or dual @ x8 /x8) plus a bracket for (2) USB 3.0, making total USB 3.0 ports available on this board 4.

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