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Slickdeals Drugstore and Grocery Store Coupon Usage Rules and Guidelines
The following are the official rules concerning posting about coupon usage in the Drugstore/Grocery B&M Deals forum.

  • Materially Modified coupons are not allowed on Slickdeals. They are not to be hosted by, or linked to from, Slickdeals.
  • Immaterially Modified and Unmodified coupons may be hosted on Slickdeals as long as they do not violate any of our other rules.
  • Multiple Prints per Page(MPP) coupons are generally not allowed and will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Users may link to offers from Coupon Printing sites, but they may not link to scans of already printed coupons.
  • Scans of Manufacturer's Coupons are not to be hosted by, or linked to from, Slickdeals. The exception to this is a link directly to a coupon hosted on the manufacturer's website.
  • Discussion of how to use coupons for anything other than their original intent is prohibited.
  • Discussion of store policies is acceptable. Discussing how to intentionally trick or fool stores into accepting coupons that they would otherwise reject is prohibited.
  • Store Coupons are not to be hosted by Slickdeals, but may be linked to if hosted offsite, subject to two exceptions.
    - Target and CVS store coupons are not to be hosted by, or linked to from, Slickdeals.
    - Links directly to coupons hosted by Target or CVS are allowed.

  • Materially Modified: A coupon to which a substantial change has been made. For example, a change to the dollar amount, expiration date, bar code, or member id#.
  • Immaterially Modified: A coupon to which an insubstantial change has been made. For example, a coupon that has been resized to print more clearly.
  • Unmodified: A coupon that has not been modified in any way.
  • Coupon Printing Site: A site that requires users to install a proprietary "printer" before coupons may be printed. For example,
  • Manufacturer's Coupon: A coupon from a manufacturer. For example, General Mills.
  • Store Coupon: Coupons issued by a store to be redeemed only in that store. For example, Target.

If a user is uncertain about the application of the rules, he or she should contact one of the Drugstore Forum Moderators. If there is any doubt regarding whether a coupon is allowed, users should not post until they have a moderator's approval.

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