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Quote from countyline View Post :
Don't know what to tell ya, I just logged on and printed it no problem...

ETA: It disappeared after one print but I was able to "back" and print a second....

ETA: Ok, it showed up again but won't let me print it of course...
County, thank you soooo much for testing this for me. hug I finally figured out my problem, and it was my own fault. Doh I'd been using junk emails to sign up for accounts, and I didn't realize that they send a link you have to click on to complete registration! Finally used my main email address to sign up for another account and saw the email with the verification link - ugh! Embarrassment

What threw me off was that I thought I was logged in already after I first created an account, but I couldn't find a way to get to the Knorr coupon page by navigating the site - and when I went into the wiki in this thread to click on the link, I wouldn't be logged in anymore (now I realize I was probably never logged in to begin with).

Oddly enough, when I finally tried printing the Knorr coupon for the first time, it pretended to print but then nothing ever showed up at my printer. Confused Tried again though, and it I'm fine now with my Knorr coupon at last. Stick Out Tongue Ah, the wonders of Redplum-powered coupons... Wink

Aaaanyway - all this was just a long-winded way to say - if you're trying to print from the site, make sure you give a real email and click on the verification link they send! And as promised, County, lotsa hugs - hug hug hug - thanks so much!!