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Quote from ILFDSRV View Post :
Yeah I understand that, but a totally different person said that this was their thread but then it wasnt that person when i linked up to here. It really doesnt matter to me one way or another, I appreciate everyones help and try to rep often. But it just had me feeling confused when I read the post from ???? and went to rep him/her but then saw it was my favorite msgal's thread.

Okay, I finally figured out MY mistake- in the thread for 5/29 someone was quoting msgal saying here is the june ivc link and telling her thank you. I thought this person was posting the link since I always start at the last page of a thread and read backwards up to where I left off. What a goof ball I am!LMAO

Is there a way to return to a thread and choose to like 'begin with all new posts since last visit'??

I have to stop reading these posts from back to front.

Really showed what a true idiot that I can be.Confused