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Lowes: Frigidaire Affinity Washer/Dryer for $1100 ($940 AC/Card) delivered - originally $1800!
Okay, Lowes pretty much has all of their appliances on sale right now. This is the best deal I could find for a washer/dryer. They have SS tub/drum and washer has steam function.

Add these to cart:


Electric Dryer:
Gas Dryer (same price!):

Was $1800, now $1100 (38% off). Free delivery is included!

To make it really hot, add a 10% USPS Movers coupon (you can buy them online for around a buck if you google around)

Even sweeter- If you use your Lowes Card, you can select to take an additional 5% off (or special financing)! They won't let me stack the discounts in store, but it works if you order online!

My total was $940 ($1007 after tax). Might even be sweeter for those of you that have tax free weekends coming up!

Another deal for a less expensive/less features set:

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