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Quote from JarlaxleMD View Post :
The timing on this is just awful. I called and asked for my refund. I'm not going to wait another week for my TV while a company is holding my $$$ interest free and offering no compensation for these sort of inconveniences, at least Best Buy or Target, in the past, has thrown in a little gift card or extra discount for the trouble. Besides, if it was Pilot's fault after all for poor shipping, who's to say they won't cause another issue considering their shady shipping practices and my recent experience with one of their f***ked up delivery personnel?

I'm going to try to grab a TV from a local retailer during the holiday sales and hopefully salvage my weekend plans with the family.
Settle down.

You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

I mean I had a guy buy my Panasonic Plasma from me and put it in his truck after we packed it back in the box. Then him and his buddy drove back home down the interstate and tv fell out the back. Buh Bye $1200.

This is nothing.

Go to a Sports bar or movie theatre if you need some tube during the weekend.