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Quote from FenA View Post :
I'm a little concerned about glare because of a big bay window off to the side of our viewing area. It seems as though only Panny's ST and GT really address this issue, but Samsung pricing seems to be a bit better. Plus, I don't want to have to dump another $100 or so to get Panasonic glasses. I'll probably have to wait for the Panny glasses deal. Ugh, i'm so conflicted but I obviously don't want buyer's remorse.... la sigh.

Thanks again for the thread triwood. We should be taking side notes on how long you can keep this up ;D

I thought the samsung plasmas (7000 and 8000 series) had the least glare when I checked out the tvs at Best Buy. I really liked the picture on the Panasonic VT and could almost justify the price premium. However, when I asked them to turn on the ceiling lights, the glare was so bad, the movie was not visible. Make sure you audition these tvs in realistic lighting conditions before buying. Just my 2 cents.
05-29-2011, 06:01 PM

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