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Quote from dbong1021 View Post :
Funny, I was just doing the math on this same deal while shopping for a 55GT30.

It isn't horrible or even a decent after doing the math using current Amazon prices:

TC-P55GT30 - 1714.95
TY-EW3D2MMK2 (Avatar 3D + 2 rechargable glasses ) - $258.28
TY-CC10W Panasonic Skype Camera - $299.95 ( via 6ave )
DY-WL10 Panasonic Wifi adapter - $79.95
BDT110 Blu Ray Player - Free

Total w/ no tax + free shipping: $2353.13. So its a good $100 cheaper than online right now actually.

CA tax kills it for me by bumping this to $2458.10 after tax and store pickup. So if you live somewhere with lesser or no tax, it seems like a deal right now.

But with my silver rewards membership points it helps soften that by $40-50. That plus the comfort of a local pickup/return option versus waiting for delivery/pickup might make my pull the trigger.

I'm also going to try and haggle the extra few bucks off w/ a manager to even this out.

That or just hope I can get them to price match the single 55GT30 + BDT110 to Amazon's prices ... which is all I wanted in the first place!!! I don't even need the Skype cam, wifi, etc. Darn you Slickdeals for always making me look for the best ( and sometimes unnecessary ) deals!! laugh out loud

Panasonic is offering Avatar free though through rebate, so don't count that.