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DQ'd out on many a survey this morning, but Batan and CAPS, you guys enjoy each other's company for another day at least ok, cos guess what I got?

500sb survey on shopping for women's clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, cosmetics and home goods at high end department stores (bloomies, nordstrom, neiman, saks etc) vs other stores. bounce it's not so much about the items themselves as trying to understand the shopping frequency in this new economy. i thought it was a very interesting survey and enjoyed doing it.

50sb survey on grocery shopping for prepared/ packaged dry foods which turned out to be all about Hamburger Helper. bounce

seeing as I am really behind in points for this month, I am uber grateful for these surveys crediting. wave

Quote from SLickCate View Post :
Anyone get the 11 SB Kaboodle offer on scroller to credit? I tried earlier in FF and Chrome and nothing. Going to try IE now and see what happens. I did confirm email earlier when I tried.

Total weirdness with all the survey issues, but at least there seem to be more surveys available now. If only they would all work in our favor.
kaboodle didn't credit for me, either. safari browser. don't think this is a browser issue.

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Just did a 400SB survey on Beverages woot It was fairly short- one of those where you have to read and compare a set of 4 product descriptions/images. Be sure that you like Budweiser for this survey Wink
that's if you even get that far. beverage survey wants nothing to do with female respondents. Bonk
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