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Can't wake from S3 sleep mode from USB Mouse, keyboard, ehome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR)
MSI A5000 , AKA, CR500, MSI-1683 series

Anyone here running WIn7 Windows Media Center (WMC), MediaPortal, Myth, or other dvr app using their A5000 as a HTPC hooked up to LCD/Plasma panel, or projector? As you know controlling the unit via a remote is a major factor when is comes to ease of use.

A5000 will NOT wake from S3 sleep mode via USB Mouse, keyboard, ehome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR).
(I've played with power settings, etc without success leading me to the conclusion the BIOS and or the Embedded Controller (EC) aren't listing to the USB PORTS while in sleep mode.)

Putting A5000-025US to sleep via WMC remote (Or via clicking sleep on shutdown menu tab) Puts computer to sleep FINE.
(Blue led on Power button, and blue status led on front of unit flashing.)

Problem is once in sleep mode the ONLY way to "wake" the unit is to physically press the POWER button.

(This is a issue if you don't have ready access to physically press the POWER button.)

I'd really appreciate if my fellow A5000 /A6000 owners could see if their units can be wakened from S3 SLEEP mode from a USB device.

Wife is NOT happy that the WindowsMediaCenter remote will not "wake up" the A5000 as it should.Mad

(Stock) as shipped with BIOS has NO options for ACPI S3 Sleep mode.
I'm hoping that a later bios, or SVET's Modded bios has a proper ACPI section.

As shipped it appears the bios is configured so it is NOT "listening" to the USB ports while in sleep mode.
(A common issue with laptops from my research to reduce battery drain while on battery power - Note to bios programmers- Lots of people these days are using laptops in the desktop, DVR role on A/C POWER)


Windows 7 OS reports A5000 CAN do S3 Hybrid sleep
(Run "powercfg -a" from a cmd line as admin)

Running "powercfg devicequery Wake_armed" shows something weird though... it shows the ehome infrared receiver being listed as the ONLY device on the USB bus being able to wake unit from sleep, but it does NOT show mouse, keyboard.... as is the case on a (older Dell and HP) desktop machines that DO wake from S3 sleep.

In device manager- ehome does show "Allow this device to wake the computer" is ticked off (enabled)

For those that have read down this far- I hope you can give me some good news.

PS: To the owners and the mods here on Slickdeals- A deal is not a deal if the item will not function for reason the item was purchased for.- Either be it for resale, or for use in it's intended role. A "deal" is not a deal if the item is problematic, issues don't get fixed- item dies, you can't get info about the item etc.

Thank you for keeping this thread open.... There is more info in this one thread than all the rest of the net combined!


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