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Quote from jleonard711 View Post :

Main differences are more power, Zone 2, and front HDMI on the 667. The 667 is a great receiver BTW, I paid $500 for mine and it was money well spent!! Wish there was a deal on the 867 b/c then I'd pick that up and throw the 667 in the secondary TV room.
Not the "greatest price" but it is still the lowest. From newegg for 430 again
Quote from krsbay View Post :
Would you recommend another receiver for this much money or is this one a good option?
This is supposed to be a very good receiver, it was rated as CNets best mid class for last year. []....although after looking at the "results" for this years
lineup that may not really be unbiased. The new yamaha 671 wasnt even reviewed..thought that could just be based on when companies sent out the review models. I think it seems kinda odd to not compare the newest model from the "reigning champ" but whatever.

This model has preouts for everything and that feature was cut by almost every comparable model this year and last year. The two hings this is "lacking" in my opinion is USB and networking. I held off buying this for more (360ish) because of the lack of USB. The networking is just a "perk" for buying a more current model for me. If this or the 867 model would have had USB i would have opted for them over what I got. I ended up with the onkyo rc360 for 334 from amazon. These yamahas are supposed to sound very very very good though. I think for the money unless you are near a Fry and can score the onkyo for 299+tax then this is probably the best you can do for 300. Even then it may be a wash between the two, but this is opinon of a techy person and not an audiophile. As we all know their opinions are expensive hahaha. And again the onkyo 360 is trading off some features to get the USB and networking...and it may have the same type of reliability issues as the last few onkyo models, though so far there have been no bad reviews. For me it was whichever hit the 300 range first and it was the onkyo.