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Steam PC Games Sale: Terraria $2.50, Supreme Commander 2 $4, The Hitman Collection $7.50, Sam and Max Complete Pack $12.50, Portal 2 $25 + Many More
Steam Summer Sale 2011 is up!! []

Rule for maximizing your dollar during these deals

Don't buy anything unless it's a STEAM [] front page deal until the last day of the sale. Most games will be discounted but there's a chance that they'll be featured as a daily deal which drops the price further.

Steam Summer Camp Prize Booth []

On top of offering huge discounts, this is the second summer sale in which Steam has in game achievements tied to digital items as well as entries into a raffle awarding 100 random account holders the top 10 games on their wishlists. So if you haven't updated or created a wishlist, now is the time to do so.

Quote :
Play games to earn special Steam Summer Camp Steam Achievements. Each one earns you a Prize Ticket. Then, redeem your Prize Tickets for all kinds of in-game content (cars, maps, hippos, hats, and more...). Prize tickets must be redeemed during the Steam Summer Camp Sale. You can keep track of all this on your Steam Profile page.
Quote :
100 lucky campers will get the top 10 games on their Steam Wishlist (in a burst of creativity, we decided to call this the “Grand Prize Giveaway”). First, create and organize your Steam Wishlist. For every Prize Ticket you earn, you will be entered into the Grand Prize Giveaway. Your entries are tracked here and on your Steam Profile page. We’ll draw the winners at the conclusion of the Steam Summer Camp Sale.
Steam Summer Sale FAQ- Click for answers to the following questions []

Quote :
How do I get prizes?

How and when do I recieve my prizes?

What if I change my mind about the prize I want?

What if I selected a prize for a game I don’t own? Will it work if I buy the game later?

Can I still complete Achievements for previous days and earn Tickets?

How do I qualify for the Grand Prize?

Does using Tickets for prizes mean that I have less entries for the Grand Prize?

What can I do with my Tickets after the Summer Camp Sale is over?

Where can I view the complete rules?

Good Luck and I hope someone on this forum is a grand prize winner.

I'll keep the wiki updated with daily deals.

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