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Quote from laidbacklarkin View Post :
If you have home real estate to support a 65" screen, this is a killer price. Panasonic plasma's have evolved to the point of perfection - the PQ on these and the VT series are unrivaled. I have a Sharp LC65D64U (LCD) from 2008 and am enjoying it every bit - and if I were to replace it, would pick this up in a heart beat. Have a 42" Panny Plasma in the bedroom and no way, am I going back to LCD.

3D is such a gimmick mfrs are having a field day at the expense of a dumb consumer base.

and also is it too late to get it on this ? I see $3059...sorry if I am doing something wrong

No it's still live, you need to go through the check out process and add cc info.
I agree, I think this is a steal. My problem is the wife likes Sony and for some reason doesn't like Panny and my buddy just sent me this, so do I take my chances ?