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Quote from tootsie67 View Post :
good luck!! I always find embarassing amounts of Legos, happy meal toys, dust bunnies, and random parts of toys and remotes under the beds
Quote from setsail View Post :
We put our boys in loft beds last year and at first I was a little hesitant about the younger one but wow they are nimble little things at that age. laugh out loud And the only thing worse than cleaning the boys room was helping my 12 year old dd clean her room. EEK!

Rofl2 What is it about little boys? Big Grin Well, the worst part is done. Now to get the rest of his room looking as nice. shake head

Setsail, did you have any troubles with them falling off? My son has never fallen out of his toddler bed, but then, its a fire engine bed so a little difficult to fall out of. I'm just a little nervous because he moves around everywhere when he sleeps and I'm scared he'll fall out a couple times before his body learns the boundaries. Or maybe I'm just overthinking it!