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LMAO!!!! Roll

I need to go hunt down the Kmart list too. Their 90% off finds are always fun.

my 6-year old was walking the dog in the backyard this morning and found a yellow jacket nest. She came running screaming into the house with yellow jackets all over her and the dog Faint She's okay now after some Bactine and Benedryl but I can tell the poor dog is uncomfortable Frown ugh. I hate bugs/bees/etc.
I don't mean to butt in, but if your dog is uncomfortable from the stings and that seems to be all you can him a Benedryl, also. Our dog is 15 pounds and we give her 12.5 mg (1/2 pill) every 8-12 hours as needed-it probably will only be needed once or twice. This can cause drowsiness but should help the venom of the bites and make your pup somewhat more comfortable.