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Quote from NorthBayVallejo View Post :
I'm still on the edge about it, I cant make up my mind. It would only be used for sport games and mostly streaming movies

if you're going to play games online, there's no question the Xbox360 is better. they have their network in-check, they've had the time to get it right. for streaming media, the Media Center works well although I'm not a fan of the Media Center file layout. for streaming media directly from a share or something similar, i personally don't like the Xbox360 main screen interface.

if you're going to get Blurays and play games locally, there's no question the PS3 is better. for streaming media, i prefer the layout of the PS3 main screen... it's just a layered display of the folder shares or UPnP server you're connecting to.

i own both systems, if i'm not going to play something online i buy it for the PS3... if i'm going to be online with friends, i buy it for the Xbox360.
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