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Quote from orangearrows View Post :
No - I have 2 lines now and will end up with 2 lines at the end

2 Existing lines (A,B)

Add 2 new lines to Sprint (C,D)

Take A+B and port them out to say Tmobile prepaid

C+D take over the sprint account and stay active

Once number is ported out - I call back Sprint and tell them I want to port my numbers to Sprint ....C +D lines.

Would not work?

Thanks. What time margin do I have to pull it off?
Doesn't matter how many people tell you it will work, because it most likely won't. I know this from experience- you can try, but those stupid reps at Sprint probablywon't let you. I tried the same thing and they refused to let me out of 2/4 of my lines. And, I've called them about six times so far