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Just finished everything - here's my summary
some old posts I made (for reference; not necessary to read): 1 2 3 4

Took me about 8 calls over 2 weeks to finally get "completed" status on my lines. They knew I was calling over and over.

I planned to open 5 lines with EPRP for "maximum discount" on the SGS2 launch date (Sep 16), but I discovered that I could just apply a similar discount to my current account, so I went with my current account. Saves the hassle of returning/reobtaining an Airave as well.

Also, since my account was regular+discount instead of EPRP, I could order through third-party vendors and Sprint stores. I ordered the first three phones through LetsTalk. $100... +tax if you add/upgrade, but no tax if it's a new plan. So after I ordered 1 add-a-line, I ordered two individual plans, knowing that I could merge them in later ("confirmed" with LetsTalk to not charge me their $250 fee..)

I registered for the port-in credit and noticed that the third-party retailer might invalidate me for the credit, making the phones $125 "more expensive". I bought the last two SGS2s at a Sprint store because of this, because I wanted to get it done faster, and because ordering multiple individual plans from LetsTalk kept triggering their "is this person really doing this?" alert system and I had to call in and say yes every time.

I ported my numbers out to
  • ATT GoPhone: $10 phone, $25 service. Way more than I should have paid for.
    Sprint->ATT port was quick (a few minutes) and easy (although human interaction required.)
    ATT->Sprint port was easy, but Sprint had to fetch my ATT account number from an ATT rep, because it isn't located anywhere in my GoPhone online access. Unfortunately, I don't know how long it took. We did the port during order time and we were able to get it up with the ported number by the time it arrived with 1-day shipping.
  • Google Voice: $20.
    Sprint->GV port took exactly 24 hours (I maintained Sprint service until the actual disconnect time, as usual.) No human interaction required.
    GV->Sprint port was a pain in the ass. Sprint had to fetch information from some landline company and I had no SSN/address/account number on my Google account. I had to change the password to a disposable one for porting purposes. It also took 3+ days before Sprint got the number, but Google held onto it for another 18 hours before releasing it. Then it took a few calls to Sprint to get my phone working again (way more than just Update Profile).
    I should've just left my number @ GV and taken a random Sprint number, but my mind was focused on the port-in credit and I didn't think about getting a random $10 number ported into Sprint instead.
    Thank god I have another GV number as my primary contact number, or I would've been unreachable for a LONG time.
  • Tracfone: $10. I did the other 3 lines this way because it was the cheapest and easiest. You don't have to pay for service because Tracfone gives you 10 starter minutes (and consequently, a phone number)
    Sprint->Tracfone port was easy. No human interaction required. About 1 hour.
    Tracfone->Sprint port was also easy. Called Sprint, they requested my Tracfone account number which I didn't have, but happens to be the serial number of the device. No need to call Tracfone. Two were done in 2 hours. (the first) one stalled for some reason until I complained in the morning, which was extremely inconvenient.

So I had 4 individual plans and a family of 5 at one point.. They're all combined into a family of 5 now (and with minimal 1-2 day "overlap" -- paying for 2 lines while using 1)

now to add 5 more lines, and repeat this process for 10 lines next time Sprint changes the contract laugh out loud I'm sure I'll do it more smoothly next time! It took a lot of planning to get it done as smoothly as I did already -- these people use their phones daily -- but I was out for about 12 hours on one line Frown and about 40 hours on my own line, which wasn't as big of a deal.

sorry for going "off topic" from the "legal issues phase" of this thread. i'm sure this information will be useful to someone.