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Quote from lostit View Post :
What i don't understand is what makes someposts 'for the 1st how ever many' qualify to stay in freebies while other for the '1st how ever many' don't qualify.

for the past 2 weeks there were numerous posts from self mag about the 1st how ever many & those were all allowed to stay in freebies even though they were only for 1st 200 or 300 but this post is for 1st 30,000 and was moved to contests??? makes no sense IMO.

I searched before posting but there weren't any links in the OP, so i didn't have any luck, sorry about that. Thanks for the post anyway starzine - rep'd
lostit - I just had to say I totally agree with you - this is a FREEBIE not a sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes - entries are collected, and the winner(s) determined by a random drawing.
Contest - entries are collected, and the winner(s) determined by voting or judging.

Even if a freebie is only for the first so many people, whether it be 300 or 30,000, it's still a freebie, NOT a sweepstakes.
Those who fill out the form first get whatever is being given away - no random drawing, no voting or judging is involved, therefore, it's not a sweepstakes or contest.

Don't think I'll ever understand why these freebies are handled differently by the powers that be.
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