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Phone PhoneSuit® iPhone 4 & 4S Battery Case Charge & Protect Bundle $64.99 @
Link [], 5 stars review from 2 customers on

Shipping included in price.

Amazon link for $79.95 [], 5 stars review from 12 customers

Quote :
PhoneSuit® Elite Battery Case for iPhone 4 & 4S Bundled with USB Car Charger and Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors

The PhoneSuit® Elite gives you portable power on demand in a slim, protective case for your iPhone. It features a high capacity (2100 mAh) battery that can provide a full, complete charge to the iPhone 4. Quick charge technology delivers this power at an incredibly fast (5 Watt / 1 Amp) output speed charging the iPhone in about 2 hours. The PhoneSuit® Elite will extend the battery life of your iPhone by more than doubling its energy capacity. You can now experience up to two days or more of uninterrupted iPhone power. Enjoy extended iPhone usage times for voice, music, video, games and iPhone apps. It’s the perfect blend of power, protection and style. With PhoneSuit®, you can have portable iPhone power anytime you need it.


Truly Double Your iPhone's Power: The PhoneSuit® Elite can provide over a full 100% charge to an iPhone 4, truly doubling the iPhone battery life. More than double your ability to use your iPhone for voice, music, video, games and iPhone apps.
2 Hour Quick Charge Technology: The Elite incorporates fast 1 Amp / 5 watt output iPhone charging technology. Fully Charge an iPhone about 2 hours.
Charge & Sync with iTunes: You can Sync your iPhone with iTunes while it’s attached to the PhoneSuit® Elite. Charge the PhoneSuit® battery, iPhone and sync all at the same time.
Integrated Power Switch: The Power Switch allows you to conveniently store the power in the PhoneSuit® Elite until you decide to use it at a later time.
Apple Certified for iPhone 4: Certified for Performance and Compatibility with all versions of the iPhone 4 & 4S (GSM / CDMA), (Verizon / AT&T)
Ultra-Thin Design: The PhoneSuit® Elite incorporates a high capacity battery in a full protection iPhone case that’s less than 17mm (0.67 in) thin.
Full Front and Back iPhone Protection: Full Front and Back iPhone Protection in a durable case.
Precision Engineering & Ergonomics: The PhoneSuit® Elite has been engineered with extreme precision for a perfect fit with your iPhone. We've incorporated high grade materials for improved ergonomics and appearance to match Apple's premier standards.
PhoneSuit® ClearAir Technology: ClearAir technology ensures that no iPhone signal interference occurs from internal circuitry or externally applied to the iPhone antenna band.
PhoneSuit® Nano USB Car Charger and Mask Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors

Also Included in this bundle is the PhoneSuit® Nano USB Car Charger featuring high speed charging for Tablets and Smartphones. Use the Car Charger to recharge your PhoneSuit® Elite and most USB powered devices. The PhoneSuit® Mask Anti-Fingerprint screen protectors help reduce annoying fingerprints and smudges as well as providing additional protection to the glass surfaces of the iPhone. They are designed to be applied to the front and back of the iPhone 4. Two full sets of screen protectors are provided.

PhoneSuit® Smart Power Technology

The PhoneSuit® Elite’s smart power circuitry regulates and prioritizes iPhone power consumption so your iPhone always has the power it needs. An integrated power switch allows you to control its operational mode. When the PhoneSuit® is switched ON and powering your iPhone, it will continue to charge until the PhoneSuit® battery is empty. The iPhone will then begin using its own internal battery. When the PhoneSuit® is switched ON and charging by cable, power is first provided to your iPhone. Once the iPhone’s battery is full, the PhoneSuit® will proceed to charge its internal battery. When both devices are fully charged, the PhoneSuit® moves into a low power state. You can put the PhoneSuit® into Power Save mode by moving the power switch to the OFF position. In this mode the PhoneSuit® will only charge its internal battery and not power the iPhone. With this feature you can conveniently store the power until you decide to use it at a later time.

PhoneSuit® Elite iPhone 4 & 4S Battery Case Specifications

Model No: PS-ELITE-IP4
Model Name: PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 4 & 4S
Battery Capacity: 2100 mAh
DC OUT: 5V @ 1A
Size: L -126 x W- 62 x H -17 mm / L- 4.9 x W- 2.4 x H- 0.67 in
Weight: 79g / 2.78 oz
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