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Is it just me, or did this go up to $399 + $25 upgrade - $50 coupon = $475?

Also, most people will have to pay tax on top of this... Frown

This is a good package for an ultraportable for basic use, and will probably feel plenty fast for normal web browsing and light tasks, and it can play basic games.

Also, HP is/has released a Sandy Bridge i3 version of this computer, but it is too expensive at the moment and only available through 3rd party merchants. With the i3, this is a very good ultraportable package: easily upgradable parts, excellent battery life, and decent build/packaging.

Here are the specs on the new i3 version (dm1-4050us):

For what it's worth, I just bought a Samsung off eBay for about $425 and will probably be buying a high-capacity battery. So for about $475, I think it is a much better package than this. If the i3 version of the HP comes down to $500 in the near future, I think that would be an ok deal.

Quote from SlickDogg View Post :
I agree. Two main issues with this netbook:

1. Made by HP.
2. Severely underpowered compared to Samsung Princeton Smilie

I'd wait till BF. If this was the price on this machine with E-350 a year ago, it'll be a warm deal. The only thing it has over your Acer is the GPU. Otherwise, welcome to 2009. I would've paid $250 for this if Samsung Princeton hadn't dropped to $350.
I somewhat disagree with this comment, because the only reason you can say this is the insane Samsung deal. I am not sure we will see another deal that good until 2012. If you look at most of the ultraportables, you rarely get really good sales because they are more niche products. Even the old Acer Timelinex series are commanding pretty high prices in stores and on eBay.

A more fair comparison is with the Acer 11.6" with the i3-330um. In that comparison, I think it is about a wash, and it really just depends on whether you want more processing power or more graphics abilities. The refurb Dell 1121 deal with the i3-330um was always a better deal than this HP, but that is long dead.

Of course, the Sandy Bridge i3 has the same graphics capabilities of E-450 and about 2.5x the CPU power, so it is definitely better if you can find one. If you don't need something immediately, it is probably worth waiting to see what Black Friday brings this year.

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