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Quote from Artmasterx View Post :
Is it just me, or did this go up to $399 + $25 upgrade - $50 coupon = $475?

Also, most people will have to pay tax on top of this... Frown

This is a good package for an ultraportable for basic use, and will probably feel plenty fast for normal web browsing and light tasks, and it can play basic games.

Also, HP is/has released a Sandy Bridge i3 version of this computer, but it is too expensive at the moment and only available through 3rd party merchants. With the i3, this is a very good ultraportable package: easily upgradable parts, excellent battery life, and decent build/packaging.

Here are the specs on the new i3 version (dm1-4050us):
i3 version is a laptop, but the amd version is a netbook.