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Quote from sdNewby View Post :
*snip*RC question I was told I could only get a RC for a sale item featured on the sales add. is that true?
nod in my experience, that's how the stores here work Frown

Here's some helfpul hints as far as the shelf, sale, price plus prices when getting a $ wyb $$ CAT:

There 3 prices at SR:
1. Shelf, the price on the sticker on the shelf
2. Sale, the price of the item on sale, no price plus card needed to get the sale price
3. Price Plus price, card needed to get the item at that price (usually a limit of 4 per variety or must by 2 or 4 offers and so forth)

When calculating which prices to use to obtain a oyno cat (pay $$, get $):
The only time you can really calculate a "spread" is if the item is on price plus discount, then it would be calculated on the pre price plus price (which would either be the sale price or the shelf price, the lesser of the two). Usually items on Price Plus discount are also on sale from their regular shelf price, and then discounted further by use of your card. So you would have to use the pre price plus card price which is usually the sale price when calculating to obtain a $$ wyb $ CAT.

If the item is on sale, and you don't need a price plus card to get the sale price, then you would use the sale price in your calculations.

How to tell the difference when looking in the ad:
Sale - When looking in the ad, if there is NO price plus card and in a red circle/starburst it says "Save $.$$" or "1/2 price".

Price Plus price - When looking in the ad, if there is a price plus card icon and in a square with red on top and white on the bottom it says "you save $.$$", then the item is on Price Plus discount.

Lastly, you could always ring a transaction without scanning your card, to ensure that the total meets the minimum needed to receive a $ wyb $$ CAT. Then scan your card and your q's.

This seems so wordy, but trying to make it really clear so we can stick it in the wiki...
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