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I bought one of these back when they were $5.95. Overall, I'd say they're well worth this price. However, I do have a few issues with it:

Strangely, the "textured grip" portion of the back does nothing for grip; in fact, I find that the slick "X" pattern is actually the grippy part (though I'm sure it wouldn't be if your hands were sweaty). I think the textured part would work on a phone where you're actually using grip force on it, but on the Touchpad there's really no way to apply that kind of force. Fortunately, any way I hold it results in some contact with the "X" design, so it works very well. If I touch only the textured part, it slides out of my hand. I would have much preferred that the entire case be non-textured.

For the first day or two, just picking up the Touchpad would press the power button. It was pretty annoying, but then it quit happening. I've since read where people suggest repeatedly pushing the case's power button bubble before installation to loosen it up. The original version of this case (only made in clear) was really bad with this problem, and it didn't go away with use.

The case does not wrap around the bezel enough...maybe 1/16" at best, and in the middle of the sides it basically isn't even touching the bezel. When I hold it, I tend to put my thumb right on the edge of the bezel to balance things (about half on, half off). This works fine without the case. Unfortunately, because the case is higher than the bezel, my thumb ends up touching only the case. The case then bends away from the Touchpad from the pressure, leaving my thumb hovering over the gap that now exists between the case and the Touchpad. It feels weird and unsafe, but the case will never peel all the way off of the Touchpad. Adding another 1/4" of overlap over the bezel would have completely eliminated this issue. I've considered using some sort of adhesive to bond the case to the side of the Touchpad, but it would obviously have to be a removable adhesive. The other option is to move my thumb further over so it's only touching the bezel and not the case, but that feels even more unnatural.

In the long run, I think I will probably replace this case with a grippy skin instead. A skin would eliminate all of these issues. In the meantime, this case is protecting the Touchpad, is easily removable, and was really inexpensive. YMMV, of course.