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Quote from lakersallday View Post :
stay away from game stop preowned. bunch of pre-pubescent kids trading in sticky controllers.

its very rare to find something that's in pristine condition. what you are buying here is guaranteed to not only be in pristine condition but to be the new Remote Plus, rather than just the old Wiimote which is most likely what you'll be finding at gamestops.

I once got 3 defective preowned xbox controllers in a row from gamestop...

the b2g1 should be used on games if anything...
lol, i know what you mean and it's something I was worried about too as I once bought a 360 controller where it was just sticky from something and I just couldn't wash it out. Pretty nasty..

Probably worth the few extra dollars here and not have to deal with gamestop. Also I noticed the nunchuk was 9.99 refurbed.