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This laptop does not support any RAID features. Title about RAID 0 is incorrect and you will get 2 separate 500GB HDD's as single partitions.

You CANNOT combine 2 gift cards into a single card on the weekend. During the week you can combine gift cards into a single card, but the $75 bonus card mentioned below can never be combined with other gift cards.

There is a deal now where you can buy a $400 Dell gift card and get a special bonus $75 promotional card.

You can only use 1 gift card if you pay online. If you pay through chat or over the phone, you can use 3 methods of payment. Your credit card counts as 1 of those methods.

So your options are:

Buy 1 gift card. Go into customer chat, pay with $75 card, $400 card, then your credit card.

Or calculate your final price, including tax. Subtract $75, then buy 2 cards totaling that amount (plus a little more, just in case.) For example, buy a $400 card and a $425 card.

Now pay with $75 card, $400 card, and $425 card. You must make sure you have enough on these gift cards, you will not be able to put the extra on your credit card. This method leaves you with a $75 promotion card to use for something else on their site.

Be aware, some credit cards give you an extended warranty. Paying with gift cards means you don't get that.

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