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Quote from TDMVP73 View Post :
It's not about being able to discern, newer technology simply allows for better response times.

4 ms to 6 ms is pretty standard in LCDs.
8 ms is pretty slow by today's standards.... especially when coupled with a 60 Hz refresh rate at 40 inches.

120 Hz and 4 to 6 is the goal.

so what you're basically saying is because its a STANDARD then we should disregard deals that dont have them, whether they're good or not... ITS ALL ABOUT BEING ABLE TO DISCERN. Its like how everyone pays a little extra for a gigabyte router when they don't do any file transfers or a CAT6 cable because its the standard when practically everything still uses 10/100 base T. Please don't lead the uninformed into thinking these "invisible" technological advances actually anything beneficial to 90% of consumers.