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Quote from LazyBoy666 View Post :
Picked mine up today instead of Sunday. Charging now Smilie They barely looked at my order sheet, but they did need my ShopRite card.

$85 + tax. Rang it up using my ShopRite card. I don't know if the price was based on the date or my order. But if your order says $150, it might be worth trying to pick it up early.

Thanks again, OP.

A few years ago I bought a PC from Aldi's on Thanksgiving weekend. What is it with grocery stores and electronics deals?
Although they will ask for your ShopRite card, since many people signed up for the Price Plus membership on Monday (and don't have their cards) they can also ask you for your membership number and phone number.

You can add your phone number to your account at and your membership number is in the email that you should have received after you signed up for the club.