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The Lounge Rules
The Lounge Rules

This is a community where all are welcomed and appreciated. In order to keep the lounge a fun and enjoyable place for all, the following guidelines have been established. Please keep these in mind as you share your thoughts and opinions with The Lounge community.
  1. Do not discuss how to perform, elude capture, or profit from illegal activities.
  2. Bittorrent discussion is allowed but do not proliferate the forum with it. Also, please do not link to or mention where to find them in a public forum. Many of these sites contain illegal software.
  3. Do not post nudity or graphic descriptions of sex.
  4. Do not post links to sites with grotesque, gruesome or disgusting pictures/videos.
  5. Vote for me/friends contests are considered self promotion and not allowed.
  6. Do not use vulgarities & obscenities.
  7. Do not post under the influence. This means posting incoherent posts. Anything senseless will be deleted.
  8. 1 person, 1 account. Secondary accounts will be banned on sight, and if it continues the primary account can be perma banned as well.
  9. Do not taunt the mods to delete your post. If you create a thread that you know will be deleted, it will be DELETED. Also, taunting the mods to warn you will get you a warning.
  10. Spam, self promotion and referral links are not allowed.
  11. A temp ban doesn't require 10 pts. We can and will ban people who purposely break rules just enough to keep under 10 pts.
  12. Filters are in place for a reason. purposely bypassing them is not allowed.
  13. No noob bashing per this announcement link
  14. Referrals are not allowed. This includes posting of referral links, asking for a referral, PMing referrals, having a referral link in your signature, or linking to any & all sites that contain referrals.
  15. Links to sites with porn or adult ads are not allowed even if the video is within sd rules. The most obvious of these types of sites is college humor.
  16. All milestone threads are to be tagged as chat. Post Milestone threads are for 1k multiples only, rep milestones for every 100. Threads asking when so and so will be bold will be removed since that leads to undeserved reps.
  17. If you feel something is against the rules, mod alert it instead of taking it upon yourself to correct the action. This includes the IBTD/IBTL responses.
  18. No harrassment of other members will be tolerated. This includes accusations of being a prior member or a "shim". Notify the mods if you suspect someone of being a prior member or if you are on the receiving end of harrassment. In addition, harrassing the mods is not allowed, in public or in private.
  19. Utilize proper channels when dealing with mod issues. If you disagree with a warning/post deletion/mod action, pm any mod. They can point you to whomever can get you an answer. Breaking this leaves you open to either bans, or trolling warnings.
  20. Making a thread to ask others to thumbs up/down a deal is not allowed.
  21. Topics need to be soft-R. If it's discussed on national late night tv, it's usually ok. Anything more than that, we reserve the right to remove
  22. No OT in a thread title means no off topic. Keep posts in these threads on topics with no joking around. Useful if its a serious thread.
  23. These rules are a general guideline on what is acceptable. Just because its not specifically spelled out above, does not mean it's allowed. The moderators work in the spirit of the rules stated in order to keep a general flow to the forums
  24. Spoof threads are limited to 1 per original thread. All subsequent ones will be merged.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in deletion of the offending post/thread.

Quote from During registration :
"By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws."
Comments & suggestions can be discussed in this thread.

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