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Kids HELP HELP HELP Toys for Tots needs more clicks from us, so that Lego will donate more Lego sets
FREE!!!!! Donate a LEGO toy for FREE to Toys for Tots! Just send a free e-greeting, and LEGO will donate one new LEGO toy to USMC's Toys for Tots program, up to 1 million toys!
We are only at 382,000. Lego will donate up to 1 million toys. But we have to click through to do it!
Send it to a real email if you want. But the recipient has to click on the e-greeting in order for it to "count" and a Lego set to be donated. So....

please follow these instructions, to make sure the greeting "counts" and a needy kid gets a Lego set. The Lego fan site, (From Bricks To Bothans) is expediting things. here’s how you do it (please rep jmedlin for the great info)
  1. Go to []
  2. Select a greeting card.
  3. Fill in the form with your name and email address. Enter FBTB for recipient and put '' as the address. Enter a message of “For the Tots!”
  4. Hit send.
  5. Hit the back button on your browser.
  6. The information you entered should still be there. Hit send again!
  7. Go to step 5. REPEAT as many times as you can! (please see mrmarley's awesome tip in the wiki for automating this. Thanks, mrmarley! worship Rep mrmarley by clicking here.) guarantees that every email received will be read and clicked through to get the toy counter to rise. LINK to for more info. [] Oh, and cool bonus: there are random prizes being awarded for doing this, from FTFB and other Lego fan sites, including every single promotional LEGO Star Wars minifigure ever released (donated by FBTB).

On the LegoSantaYoda page, top right, you'll see Facebook and Twitter buttons. Please pass this charitable opportunity on to anyone you think might help. Post it in your sig anywhere you want. Get the word out. Let's try to get ONE MILLION toys donated! Thanks for your help!
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