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Quote from JustTheFastest View Post :
They may have changed things but last October I purchased a Canon DSLR that had a similar deal... $200 off a lens and a free $12.39 filter. All three were different shipping times and I was leaving on a trip so I asked on chat about cancelling my order so I could purchase locally. The camera was already too far through processing to cancel so it was shipped. The Chat CSR said just cancel the others before they ship and return the camera within the normal returns window if I didn't want to keep it.

The discounts were spread across all three shipments so here's how the cancellations worked:

Original Order:
$849.00 Camera
$213.84 Lens
$ 12.39 Filter
-$ 200.00
-$ 12.39

Orders Separated at Shipment w/ Discounts Spread Across Items:
Shipment #1
$849.00 Camera

Shipment #2 (Cancelled)
$213.84 Lens
-$ 11.71
-$ 38.46

Shipment #3 (Cancelled)
$12.39 Filter
-$ 0.68

Total Cost of Camera After Cancellations = $687.46

I'm not sure if it still works this way or if it was a unique situation, but the question above reminded me of this and I thought it may be one way to get a discount on the saw if you don't need the stand. Amazon still gets the stand back to sell at full price so maybe they just don't care if you return part of an order.
This is kind of what I was getting at...if I would be able to return the stand and recover $200 for it...or even if I could return the stand to a B&M store after the holidays for a gift card.