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Quote from mijnooitvergete View Post :
So if I go to check out and say that I had a $10 off $10 coupon but I seem to have misplaced it the cashier will pull it out of their magic drawer for me?
I've had experiences with the magic drawer before, JCP cashiers in general are very friendly and helpful.
Cashiers are NOT aloud to do this. DO NOT expect this from any employee, as I was told I could be fired for it. However, I always attempted to help the customer because the policy is "just give them the damn pickle." 10 off 10s are SINGLE TIME USE, and they have no way of knowing what coupon was sent to you. Each is linked to your account.

10 off 25 and 10 off 50 coupons that are in the paper, ad, or online can be pulled if requested by the customer, but if a manager tells you no, the answer is no. Anything mailed ($10/$10 included) Can NOT. shake head

Thanks for the code, I will be using this to buy some of those ridiculously overpriced nike socks for my nephew who is obsessed with them. nod Becuase I will not be paying $18 for socks! EEK!