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Quote from jw36969 View Post :
I am a little bit of a noob to this stuff so can someone explain what exactly google voice is? I purchased a ooma a few months ago to get rid of my monthly service with verizon and have been happy except for the half second delay in conversation. I paid $200 for it. Is google voice like the same thing?
you need to check your network and or internet provider if you have a 1/2 second delay in your ooma. I have had it since close to it's launch date and have had no such delays or issues with it at all. And this is on three different internet service providers. Currently running it on my $9.99 a month att dsl and it works flawlessly..
integrated with an obi as well for yet another free line of service=awesome!

Quote from BrokenR1 View Post :
Yes really. You might like your phone better but having nothing to connect or setup makes the computer easier. No phone, No Obi, No configuration. Click and Talk, pretty easy.
yeah, unless you are in ANY OTHER ROOM THAN YOUR COMPUTER! If you can not handle the "setup" for an obi, I feel sorry for you...

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