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Quote from BrokenR1 View Post :
Haha, so you're saying it's normal for people to give away a free car for a year? I'm sure if that was normal and someone brought it up then it would still be normal. It's hilarious how butt hurt a couple of you got for being called out.

No , what I think is, some people are trying to be charitable to a TROLL (like you) , who from the beginning thought this was not a slick deal and number two don't understand why some people like using a obi type device and picking up a handset instead of having to use PC with headphones.

Some of us were trying to give you the benefit of the doubt , that you are not just a "black shark with big teeth as your icon suggests, and were a "good guy". But bro, you are "not a nice guy" and others just don't understand how you could "belly ache" over having Google Voice FREE for 2012. And if you look at all the thumbs up for this thread , obviously , over 96 percent think this is good deal.

Go away troll!

You guys know what they say, about Trolls, "don't feed the troll".
You can't reason with someone who is not "reasonable".