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Quote from kktan View Post :
I bought a camera from staple with similar deals a week or 2 ago, the store near me doesn't have it, so I have them shipped to the store, however, when I pick it up at the store, first thing I noticed is that the box is not seal (i.e. taped), I figured may be they open to check it.
However, when I went home, first I notices is that the lcd screen has finger print on it, next , the lens cover is smudged. I started to think that may be it is a return.
Since the store by me doesn't really carry the model, and given that I am not sure they will give me an exchange since they dont' sell it at the store by me, so I kind of decided to keep it just because I really get a good price, however, the next time I will be very very hesitant to buy anything from staple if I can't really get it from the store, especially if it is of special deal, it really left a bad taste.
I've complained to Canon about this multiple times. They need to start factory sealing the boxes, either with a thin piece of tape over the flap or a complete shrinkwrap.